Critical Care

The Department of Critical and Intensive Care at Bahra Hospital is equipped to handle all the patients who require intensive life support. Patients who have suffered trauma, stroke, heart attack, lung failure, kidney failure, multi organ failure invariably require very high level of care to save their life.

The multidisciplinary team approach including specialists and super specialists across all medical branches create a formidable wall which separates life from death in critically ill patients.

Cutting edge technology in terms of multipara monitors, pulse oxymeters, ventilators, defibrillators, oxygen support, arterial gas, ecg, bedside x-ray, ultrasound and echocardiography gives shape to the critical care department at Bahra Hospital.

We are equipped with the latest and best in class diagnostic equipments like High Speed CT Scan, Ultrasound and Path Lab. The ICU is connected to the pathology lab for providing urgent results for the various blood samples that are so critical in saving the lives of the patients.

Patients Treated In ICU

 Road Traffic Accident

 Heart Attack

 Kidney Failure

 Liver Cirrhosis


 Hemodynamically Unstable

 Low Oxygen Saturation

 Post Operative

 Multi Organ Failure

 Spinal Cord Injury


 Heart Failure


Our Team

Our Critical Care team has specialists and superspecialists across several branches of medicine. The team has Dr Jaspreet Singh Randhawa – Neurosurgeon, Dr Harjoban Singh – Orthopedics and Trauma Surgeon, Dr Majid Wani – General & Laparoscopic Surgeon, Dr Keerat Kaur Sibia – Pulmonologist, Dr Gursimran Singh – Internal Medicine & Critical Care, Dr Nitin Naik – Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon. The Critical Care team is well supported by Anesthetists and Intensivists to carry out life saving procedures like Central Line Insertion, Tube Insertion and Ventilatory support. This team is supported by the Radiology and Pathology departments which function round the clock. The hospital has a blood bank which is a great asset in patients of RTA with lots of blood loss.

The patients who require Intensive Care are quite sensitive to the cost of the treatment. At Bahra Hospital we have tried to take care of this aspect. We are focused on providing the best quality intensive care at an affordable cost. The cost of ICU treatment at Bahra Hospital is in the range of Rs. 15 – 50 thousand for each day of the treatment. The first few days of ICU stay would have a higher per day cost because lots of tests need to the done. In the subsequent days the cost starts coming down. As soon as the patient is stable, we try to shift the patient to HDU or to the ward.