Inpatient Services

Bahra Superspecialty hospital has 100 operational beds at present. The current building has the capacity of 250 beds which will be made operational as the occupancy increases. The hospital can be expanded upto 1200 beds at the present location. The hospital has 7 operation theatres of which 3 are fully functional at present. The beds are avaialable in the categories – Intensive Care, Emergency, HDU, CCU, Deluxe Room, Single Room, Twin Sharing Room and General Ward. The bed charges range from Rs. 2,000 for General Ward Bed to Rs. 9,000 for ICU Bed. Each admitted patient is seen atleast twice by the admitting doctor. Other specialty doctors visit the patient on the request of the admitting doctor. Food is provided to the admitted patient from the hospital and is not charged extra.

Fee And Other Information

The patients who get admitted for a planned procedure are given an estimate of the expenses for hospitalization. For planned procedures, the patient has to deposit 90% of the estimated expenses at the time of the admission. The balance amount of the bill can be paid at the time of discharge. The hospital is new and is in the process of getting empanelled with government organizations, insurance companies and TPA’s. Till such time, the patients who are beneficiaries of such organizations can get treatment at the hospital on reimubursement basis. Our TPA desk will assist the patient in claiming the hospitalization bill, pre and post hospitalization expenses from the insurance. One attendant is allowed to stay with the patient except when the patient is in Intensive Care.